Yolanda Fae’s new exhibition Luminance and Macro-Textures to benefit the International Highlands Music Festival

Arte por Yolanda Fae
Versatile Swiss-Peruvian artist Yolanda Fae returns with a photographic project titled Luminance and Macro-Textures.

The exhibition opens on November 6 at the Swiss Club, and 20% of the proceeds will be kindly donated towards the completion of the first International Highlands Music Festival. The festival is an unprecedented non-profit initiative brings together musicians from the Andes the Alps and the Himalayas, November 28-30 in Lima’s Exposition Park.

Yolanda Fae, whose previous works have show-cased large-format organic abstract paintings, and colorfully refashioned furniture, with contrasting, interwoven and seemingly limitless textures, now presents something altogether different. This time, macro photographs show artworks invaded by flowers which, through the artists unique visual lens and particular sensibilities, result in unexpected and unusual connections.

“The key to understanding these images in depth is to be fully available in the present moment, to abandon oneself to a prolonged period of contemplation, which can gradually become a deeper meditation,” says Yolanda Fae.

The artist facilitates, as renowned Peruvian curator Jorge Villacorta has stated, “a use of the image as a spring board, which feeds the observer optically and aesthetically in time.” “Aesthetic” is the term which best defines the photographic exhibition Luminance and Macro-Textures. The show is bold, defying current tendencies in photography, and swimming against the mainstream. In this beautiful show we can find intense and brilliant colors, and minute details that make us take flight.

Opening: 7:30pm, November 6th 2014
Location: Swiss Club, 550 Genaro Castro Iglesias, Urbanisation Aurora, Miraflores.
Closes: December 31st 2014

Tickets now on sale for as little as S./10

Purchase your ticket at TeleticketTickets for the mainland concerts of the International Highlands Music Festival are now on sale. Until Friday, November 7, there is a special offer for a three-day pass to the event. Day passes can be purchased for as little as 10 soles at Teleticket.

“The festival is for young people, adults and children, and families in general. Don’t miss out, because it will be an amazing musical festival, with extraordinary musicians in unique concerts”, comments Liana Cisneros, Director of FIMA.

On the 28th, 29th and 30th of November, talented musicians from diverse highlands regions of the world will give 12 performances, inviting us on a trip through their homelands, exploring the Andes, the Alps and the Himalayas.

The concerts will start each day at 6:00 p.m., in the Nicomedes Santa Cruz Amphitheater in Lima’s Exposition Park, in the centre of Lima. Special guests, including Lucho Quequezana, will be joining us to help us celebrate.

In addition to the musical extravaganza in the evening, during the day the International Highlands Music Festival will feature art exhibitions, workshops, lectures, films, a food fair and afternoon concerts, all within the park and without admission charge.

This Festival would not have been possible without the backing of a great network of people, inside and out of Peru, consisting of artists, specialists, practitioners, businesses, public institutions, volunteers and, generally, a great working team.