A project of this magnitude is not possible without the valuable support of multiple partners, whom we thank for their contribution.

Twinned festivals

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  • Lorenzo Josué Dávila Alata (4th and 3rd editions)
  • Mónica Jiménez Sablich (2nd edition)
  • Susana Perrottet (1st edition)

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Collaborating artists

Consultative Committee

  • Gerard Borras
    Researcher of Peruvian folk music and professor at the University of Rennes 2. He is the author of the book Lima, el vals y la canción criolla (2012) and co-author of two volumes of the series Los archivos de la música popular peruana: Montes y Manrique. 1911-2011, Cien años de música peruana and La música popular peruana, Lima-Arequipa 1913-1917. Andean Curator.
  • Leo Casas Ballón
    Native speaker and translator of Quechua. Singer, musician, scholar and promoter of Andean culture. Radio communicator, from his parents he inherited the love for Andean music, he traveled and visited highland communities and hidden peoples – all this is reflected in the lyrics of his songs where he looks to return to the past, preserving the indigenous song and recovering the history of the Andes. Andean Curator.
  • Liana Cisneros
    Specialist in communications, campaigns and cultural management. She finished high school in a village in the jungle of Peru and completed her university studies in Lima. She settled in Mexico, England and Switzerland. She has international experience in multidisciplinary coordination, research and production activities and promotes the art and culture of Peru through various activities.
  • Carlos Flores Ledesma
    Journalist, born in Huamachuco, La Libertad, Peru. He completed his primary and secondary education at the National College San Nicolas of Huamachuco and then studied journalism at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. He worked as a speaker at various radio and television stations and later on as an interviewer. Since 2005 he produced and directed the De Canto a Canto program on Radio Filarmonía. Andean Curator.
  • Johannes Rühl
    Anthropologist and expert on European folk music and other European genres. For nearly twenty years he has been responsible for several institutions and festivals concerning music. Since 2009 he is the artistic director of the festival Alpentöne in Switzerland, one of the most important in the Alps region. Since 2014 he is the FIMA curator for alpine and other European mountains’ musicians.