No project of this scope could succeed without the invaluable contributions of many supporters.

Festival Patrons

  • Susana de la Puente
  • Ludwig Meier
  • Bernardo Roca Rey

Alpine curator

Johannes Rühl, artistic director of the swiss festival Alpentöne


Javier Corcuera

Graphic arts

Samuel Gutiérrez (festival logo), Cherman Quino, Elliot Tupac

Consultative Committee

  • Raúl García Zárate
    Raúl García Zárate, 1931
    Master guitarist with more than 70 years of experience. Has recorded albums and performed concerts in many continents, and is considered one of the 100 most influential personalities in Latin American culture.
  • Edith Ramos
    Edith Ramos, 1983
    Soprano whose voice is often compared with the peruvian soprano Yma Sumac and the bolivian Luzmila Carpio. Her last album, Tikarisun, features traditional highlands music in Quechua and Aymara.
  • Jaime Guardia
    Jaime Guardia, 1933
    Master charanguista with 70 years of musical experience, and one of the principal promotors of andean music. It was to him that José María Arguedas dedicated his most ambitious novel, Todas las sangres (All the Bloods).
  • Pepita García-Miró
    Pepita García-Miró, 1959
    Singer, composer and kalimbera. For the last two decades, has formed part of the group Tribal. Together with Jaime Guardia created the project Encantos Andinos (Andean Charms), with the goal of rescuing classical melodies of the south Peruvian Andes.
  • Jean Pierre Magnet
    Jean Pierre Magnet, 1949
    Saxophonist, composer, producer y musical director. Founder of musical groups ranging from jazz (PeruJazz) to Andean music (Wayruro and Serenata de las Andes).
  • Consuelo Jerí
    Consuelo Jerí, 1972
    Has cultivated Andean music since her infancy, and has performed in Peru and Spain. Featured in Javier Corcuera’s recent prize-winning documentary Kashkaniraqmi -- Sigo siendo (“I remain”).
  • Lucho Quequezana
    Lucho Quequezana, 1974
    Multi-instrumentalist and composer. Has traveled around the world with his project Sonidos Vivos (Living Sounds), which melds the music of other continents with the music of Peru.
  • Magaly Solier
    Magaly Solier, 1986
    Singer and actress. Her first album, Warmi, won the “Luces” Prize. Her performances in the films The Milk of Sorrow and Amador have won her prizes in various important festivals.
  • Rolando Carrasco Segovia
    Rolando Carrasco Segovia, 1979
    Concert guitarist, musicologist and producer. Has recorded various albums and participated in the publication of the scores of Garcia Zárate, Julio Humala and Percy Murguía.