Connecting the peoples of the highlands

The Sounds of the Highlands

The wind descends from the mountain peaks with a whispering, melodic voice; a thread which runs through all the other voices telling their joys and their melancholies, their victories and their hopes; all the stories of our lives. The music of the highlands, almost as old as the mountains themselves, is a language shared by all highlands peoples, from the Himalayas to the Alps to the Andes.

From field to field, from peak to peak, the music carries the news, the warnings, the celebrations and the laments. As the centuries pass, it evolves, mixes, adopts new forms and accepts new instruments, but it always continues marking the passage of the life.

So is born the International Highlands Music Festival: a challenge to encourage the creativity, develop the talent and promote recognition of this rich musical expression. Above all, the festival seeks to join the different manifestations of this cultural heritage in an unprecedented celebration of integration in Lima, where it will be the lead-up to the Climate Change Summit, COP20, to be attended by heads of state and delegations from more than a hundred countries.

There is a natural link between the festival and COP20, because we are convinced that there is a profound and undeniable relationship between culture and environment. We are defined by our environment in all of its aspects, in the riches which it gives us and on which we build our lives. Our music is one of the most genuine expressions of this relationship with our environment, our past, and our distinct ways of seeing the world. Now, from the Andes, from the Alps, and from the Himalayas, we have the chance to share a unique experience, listening to the music from highlands.


Asociación Arte de Alturas