We want to offer the best of our city, our culture and our music, with an impeccable production. So we invite more institutions, public and private, to join with us in this unique international celebration. Your support will make possible the free attendance of thousands of people.

We offer a flexible range of sponsorship proposals for all budgets, allowing access to a direct public of more than 20,000 people. The festival will be an unprecedented showcase for the visibility and positioning of sponsoring trademarks, especially as part of the leadup to the Climate Change Summit, COP20, which takes place the following week.

There will be media visibility for sponsors and key supporters in the months leading up to the festival. We will provide Donation Certificates for all sponsors.

  • Festival 7 Mares/Cernícalo/Santiago Barco


Asociación Arte de Alturas

Sponsors and Supporters

  • Unesco Peru
  • Lima Cultura
  • Municipalidad Metropolitana de Lima
  • Embajada de Suiza en el Peru
  • Servicio de Parques de Lima
  • Ministerio de Cultura deñ Peru
  • Embajada de Argentina en el Peru
  • Estudio Muñíz
  • Lima Ciudad Para Todos
  • Lima Plaza Mayor de la Cultura Iberoamericana
  • Centro de Cultura, Recreación y Educación Ambiental
  • Centro Cultural de España/Embajada de España
  • Ministerio de Ambiente del Peru
  • Embajada de Ecuador en el Peru
  • Asociación Gráfica Educativa TAREA
  • Fondo Cultural Suizo
  • Notaría Hidalgo
  • Museo Nacional de Arqueología, Antropología e Historia del Peru
  • La Mula
  • Instituto Francés de Estudios Andinos
  • Embajada de Chile en el Peru
  • Alianza Francesa de Lima
  • Embajada de Colombia
  • Embajada de Austria