Who we are

We are a non-profit cultural initiative seeking to contribute to a better understanding and recognition of highlands musics from three continents: America (the Andes), Europe (the Alps) and Asia (the Himalayas). The task is only possible with a grand alliance of musicians, artists, academics, celebrities, volunteers, national and international public institutions and private businesses.

The International Festival of Highlands Music is organized by the Highlands Art Association, a non-profit cultural initiative whose objective is to broadcast and promote highlands art.

Core Team

  • Liana Cisneros
    Liana Cisneros (Peru)
    Communicator, Specialist in campaigns and cultural management. Has lived in Mexico, England and Switzerland.
  • Susana Perrottet
    Susana Perrottet (Switzerland/Peru)
    Art Director
    Independent graphic designer and multidisciplinary artist. Living in Lima since 2011.
  • Rici Lake
    Rici Lake (Canada)
    Software engineer, political analyst and occasional journalist. Has lived in Peru for more than a decade.
  • Alfredo Cueva
    Alfredo Cueva (Peru)
    Professional producer, specializing in production of musical shows and other events throughout Peru.
  • Gabriela Altuna
    Gabriela Altuna (Peru)
    Assistant Director
    Communicator and cultural manager. Expert in management of development projects and cultural activities.
  • Verónica Klingenberger
    Verónica Klingenberger (Peru)
    Communications Director
    Editor and communicator. Has worked as copy-editor, editor and columnist of various media, inside and outside of Peru.