• Ecuador

    Carlos Grijalva

    Musician, singer and musical researcher, passionate about the culture of Ecuador. For more than 20 years he has been performing throughout his country and the world. His innovative recreation of his country's musical tradition has made him an icon for young Ecuadorians.
  • Chile

    Victor Hugo Camposano

    Victor Hugo (accordionist) is director and founder of Altamar, one of Chile's best-known proponents of the cueca, the Chilean national dance and related musical style. In their more than 25 years playing together, VIctor Hugo and his group have been created an innovative and distinctive musical language based on the cueca and other traditional Chilean rhythms.
  • Switzerland


    The group takes its name from the rugged karst landscape in the Muota valley, one of the world's largest cave systems. Their music is also a laberynth of sounds bubbling up from the depths of ancient traditions, surprising reinterpretations of folk melodies played on traditional instruments. They sing of happiness and pain, freedom and coercion, drunkenness and despair, always real and urgent.
  • Austria

    Jakob Steinkellner

    The young accordionist Jakob Steinkellner, from Linz, Austria, started his musical training at the age of six, and is now recognised as one of the masters of the Styrian Accordion. His music combines alpine traditions with jazz and classical influences, passing for the Balkans and even modern pop. He recently released his first album, Denkwechsel.
  • Italy

    Carlo Rizzo

    Carlo Rizzo is an Italian percussionist who specializes in tamburello, a form of the tambourine common in the southern Mediterranean. Through his research into traditional repertoires, and also into early and contemporary music, he discovered the many possibilities of hand-played percussion. This led the interpreter to become an inventor; to continue his journey he had to create two new tambourines, the poltimbral and the multitimbral, that allow him to adapt to each one of his repertoires his surprising virtuosity and sense of improvisation.
  • Argentina

    Cristina Pérez

    Singer and artist from Mendoza, Argentina, Cristina is currently promoting her third CD, Fuegoiagua, compositions which inject the Andean traditions into the rhythms and sounds of the many countries she has passed through in her eclectic career, from Perú to Germany. Her songs name and defend the universal female, linking the sacred and the natural, and giving voice to the dialectic between social, political and cultural occurrences.
  • Perú

    Tuquic’na Pajta

    Tuquic'na Pajta -- "All together"-- have accepted the challenge of rescuing a musical heritage of their native region of Chachapoyas which dates back to 1782.