Who We Are

The International Festival of Highlands Music is one of the projects of the Association «Arte de Alturas» (AAA), a non-profit organization.

The Festival seeks to contribute to a better understanding and recognition of the music and cultures of the world’s highlands regions, in conjunction with a grand alliance of national and international public institutions and private businesses, artists, celebrities, specialists, volunteers and friends, amongst others.

Artistic Direction

  • Liana Cisneros
  • Johannes Rühl

General Production

  • Gabriela Altuna

General Coordination

  • Nátaly Yauri

Social Networks Coordination

  • Sheila Acuña

Audiovisuals Coordination

  • Lupe Green


  • Alfredo Cueva
  • Rici Lake

A project of this magnitude is not possible without the valuable support of multiple partners, whom we thank for their contribution.

Twinned festivals

FIMA graphic design

  • Lorenzo Josué Dávila Alata (4th and 3rd editions)
  • Mónica Jiménez Sablich (2nd edition)
  • Susana Perrottet (1st edition)

FIMA logo

Collaborating artists